Introducing the Vinehall Displays New Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

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Introducing the Vinehall Displays New Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 16.05.30Introducing the brand new 2015 Altendorf F45 Panel Saw of which we are the first in Ireland to purchase and have delivered from Maginn Machinery.

Vinehall displays new machine

Gerry Senior with the new machine

The Altendorf F45 is undoubtably the world’s favourite panel saw, with thousands of machines being operated daily in the around the world. The distinctive trademark of the smooth sliding table and incomparable build quality is loved by the users and offers the best quality finish to clients.

Before even adding any of the brilliantly engineered and time saving options to your Altendorf F45 you start with a powerhouse in sawing technology, a machine that has consumed over 100 years of innovation and development from a company that only manufactures panel saws allowing 100% of their companies focus in a handful of superb products.

The Altendorf F45 is a machine that suit’s our bespoke workshop where we require a versatile machine for a range of different processes like ripping solid timber or perfectly squaring and sizing panels.

DSC_0689 Over the past  30 years Vinehall Displays has continued our commitment to investing in the ways we delivery our high level of products and service with the latest and best technology’s. By buying the best we can deliver the best and with the new 2015 version of the Altendorf F45 panel saw we can operate with the higher accuracy levels. We believe that choosing an Altendorf was the best decision we’ve made.

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